Pakistan Repricing (1/10/2018)

The company VODAFONE is announcing the following changes as of November 1st 2018: The bundle that is offering 300′ to Pakistan, 2GB mobile date, 100′ to all networks and 600′ to Tazamobile users for 25 days costing 8,50 EUR will be changed to: 200′ to Pakistan, 3GB mobile data, 100′ to all networks and 600′ […]

Voice Bundle Cards Alterations (as of 31/7/2018)

Price changes for Tazamobile Users The company announces that as of the 31st of July 2018, the additional bundle cards that offer international minutes to Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Georgia will be offering 60 minutes extra to all networks in Greece. Also, retail price will be changed from EUR5.04 to EUR6.05. Minimun charge and billing step will […]

Price Changes as of June 2018

From 11/06/2018 balance will be available only for 2 months instead of 3 that is currently on. From 21/06/2018 charge for data that is being used after the bundle is consumed changes from 1,2€ for 50MB per day to 2€ for 1GB daily allowance. Minutes to all networks will change from 250′ (6 EUR) to 300′ (8 EUR) […]


Taza Refill Refill your bundle AGAIN at half the price! Terms & Conditions You can refill up to 4 times in a month, after the 15th day of the bundle. Refill is available to eligible customers by directed SMS.